“Helping people engage constructively in all phases of the conflict process” — Bernie Mayer in “Beyond Neutrality”, Jossey-Bass 2004.

The process of mediation offers the opportunity for people to settle their differences in an open, transparent forum, setting aside ‘positions’ in favor of addressing ‘interests’ and needs.

Using negotiation strategies developed at the Harvard Program on Negotiation, and expanded upon by Jack Himmelstein at the Center for Mediation in Law, Dr. Bell helps people engage in the many aspects of a conflict, and develop a dialogue of understanding that will allow people to generate a multitude of options from which potential resolution is possible.

Dr. Allison J. Bell offers mediation and negotiation services in the following areas:

Custody Mediation Services:

  • Providing mediation and resolution of custody conflicts
  • Keeping custody issues out of court, allowing parents to retain decision-making control
  • Providing a forum for the voice of the children
  • Using a child specialist’s expertise to settle custody concerns with a focus on the interests and needs of parents and children
  • Utilizing problem-solving to craft solutions, end battles and casualties
  • Confidential – not subject to litigation or expert testimony
  • A respectful, collaborative approach that helps to minimize the harmful effects of divorce on children, and yields meaningful, durable agreements

Business Negotiation: Coaching/Communications Facilitator

  • Keeping emotions from derailing the negotiation process
  • Identifying roadblocks to a successful and satisfying outcome
  • Creating a forum in which the value of relationship is respected and preserved
  • Providing constructive feedback about the tone of negotiation for all parties concerned