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Body Language at Work


Michele Gargan, PsyD Susan thinks Jack is a space cadet. Jack thinks Susan is a control freak. Elaine thinks Mary is indecisive. Mary thinks Elaine is impulsive. Fred overwhelms people with his presence. Nobody ever

Body Language at Work2017-04-20T14:31:39-07:00

Moving and Grooving on the Dance Floor


You've heard of this thing called contra dancing and you find yourself at the Guiding Star Grange, having also heard that this is the Mecca of contra groove. Maybe you're a newbie, uncertain if you

Moving and Grooving on the Dance Floor2017-04-20T14:34:27-07:00

Think with your body: Moving as communication


By Allison Bell Dancing at the Guiding Star Grange is about participating in the link between past and present. It is revival and survival, keeping traditions alive while interweaving them with new spirit and creativity.

Think with your body: Moving as communication2017-04-20T14:34:27-07:00

Shared Weight


Parenting requires shared weight too, the weight of responsibility, whether it's running errands, covering for the other parent while they attend to something else imperative, the share of an agreement or an exchange. The most wonderful parenting moments occur when you can feel at ease in the shared aspect of the role, when you know the other parent can be relied upon, counted on to bear an equitable share of the weight of the task.

Shared Weight2017-04-20T14:27:05-07:00

The Good Divorce


Clients often want to know what makes for a “good divorce”. They instinctively know that keeping their children front and center in their divorce process will make for a better outcome for everyone in the

The Good Divorce2017-04-20T14:28:52-07:00

Another Adventure in Post-Divorce Parenting


Once again, we found ourselves at Terminal 4, in the evening hustle and bustle of international departures at JFK. Another year, and another trip our daughter was taking to study abroad, this time heading into

Another Adventure in Post-Divorce Parenting2014-09-02T12:22:13-07:00

Relationship Polar Vortex


It's a New Year, and the "Polar Vortex" is upon us all.  Really.  The entire country is submerged in Arctic air.  It's warmer in Antarctica than in Minnesota.  It's an upside-down world. Relationships, too, move

Relationship Polar Vortex2017-04-20T14:26:49-07:00
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