Another Adventure in Post-Divorce Parenting


Once again, we found ourselves at Terminal 4, in the evening hustle and bustle of international departures at JFK. Another year, and another trip our daughter was taking to study abroad, this time heading into

Another Adventure in Post-Divorce Parenting2014-09-02T12:22:13-07:00

When Divorce Ends in Familicide


Divorce, as we do it in our society, goes to the heart of all losses, like death. Rarely, however, do we expect it to result in death. I have discussed the ways in which people

When Divorce Ends in Familicide2017-02-09T10:37:59-07:00

How To Do the Holidays…..Better


One of the most difficult aspects of family transition comes when parents and children have to face separation at holiday times. The alternating year schedule that most divorce families know is a legally convenient solution

How To Do the Holidays…..Better2012-10-06T15:07:05-07:00
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