The Body Knows Trauma


Long before we can speak, we are observers, receivers of the movements and intentions of others. Though unable to express ourselves in words, we still codify our experiences and have the capacity to recollect them

The Body Knows Trauma2011-05-17T13:17:50-07:00

Movement is in the Eye of the Beholder


Movement occurs in space, and in time. It appears in small increments, in the small muscles of body and mind. Observing two dancers, marked by histories of abuse and psychological pain......they partner on the dance

Movement is in the Eye of the Beholder2017-02-09T10:42:26-07:00

Ribs and Breathing


In the many months since the last entry, my leg has recovered mobility, but there is clearly something affecting my lower back, still sending shots of nerve pain down the back side of the leg........sciatica??

Ribs and Breathing2011-04-09T17:56:26-07:00

Body Inner, Body Armor, Body Passages


It's a new week, and our proposal for movement workshops has gone out for review by someone who works in human resources. The Language Arts of Body Language............movement having meaning, syntax, structure, as I've said

Body Inner, Body Armor, Body Passages2011-04-09T17:52:08-07:00

Stupid Statements vs. The Creative Mover


"Your upper-body posture is controlled primarily by what you do with your arms. Your posture and your gestures are difficult to separate. They make a total statement. " This is supposed to be helpful to

Stupid Statements vs. The Creative Mover2011-04-09T17:50:50-07:00

From the Inside Out


When people talk and write about body language, they describe movement as if they were talking about colorforms, those plastic stick-on clothes and accessories that we used to play with as kids in the '50'

From the Inside Out2011-04-09T17:47:42-07:00
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