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Collaborative Practice for Divorce

This site is about Collaborative Practice as an internal and external process,
for the spouses and for the family of divorce.

Conflict Resolution is a process, not a destination. It involves both the external discussions and negotiations between spouses, as well as the internal shifts within each person as they absorb, adapt, adjust to the powerful emotions and changing circumstances of couple and family life. This is a blog about moving through the process, from both the personal and the professional perspective.

Collaborative Practice | Mediation

Emotion 2 Motion

Movement and Negotiation

January 18th, 2007|

"Difficult people are not harmless. The impact of slowing productivity or creating unhappy customers and vendors is immeasurable, unknowable and often a company’s biggest cost, said Ms. Harrison of CareerTrack, paraphrasing W. Edwards Deming, a management consultant. Yet, some scholars say, the problem is not the difficult people themselves. It