Movement occurs in space, and in time. It appears in small increments, in the small muscles of body and mind.

Observing two dancers, marked by histories of abuse and psychological pain……they partner on the dance floor. Usually, each is awkward, disconnected from self and other, barely present. In partnership, there is new movement. They light each other up, smiling (I’ve never seen her smile before and she’s beautiful). They talk quietly to one another, confidingly, with self-effacing humor. He protects and guides her. She hops/skips/jumps with glee, pure girlish glee, expressing not only her joy, but her sexuality, her womanliness, her competence in each self-assured step. He leads her, not missing a beat, awkwardly but present for her, and laughs. His face is sheer bliss.

They have moved each other. They move in physical space/time, in rhythm, to music. They move one another’s spirits and create a shift in self-perception, esteem, value, worth. Others might say they are unchanged, but I have witnessed a profound moment in which they are irrevocably moved.