I am considerably amazed at the amount of growth a person can achieve in a brief period of time. As parents, we watch our children accomplish this developmental task all the time. This movement, of self in pursuit of higher-order thinking, feeling, living, is one of those humbling parts of parenting.

How does a child go forth to do good deeds in the world, seeking adventure as well as service, to return as a committed social activist? Internally moved by the plight of others less fortunate than she, returning with questions, but also with actions, small movements that she can perform, daily reminders of her time away, ritualized remembrance that brings change to her community. She shifts, bringing with her an energetic shift that effects everything she touches. It’s a feedback loop, a positive one that enriches her and her environment. She moves the world, one action at a time, growing herself up with enlightened wisdom, leaving her parents inspired, in awe.