The Good Divorce


Clients often want to know what makes for a “good divorce”. They instinctively know that keeping their children front and center in their divorce process will make for a better outcome for everyone in the

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Another Adventure in Post-Divorce Parenting


Once again, we found ourselves at Terminal 4, in the evening hustle and bustle of international departures at JFK. Another year, and another trip our daughter was taking to study abroad, this time heading into

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Relationship Polar Vortex


It's a New Year, and the "Polar Vortex" is upon us all.  Really.  The entire country is submerged in Arctic air.  It's warmer in Antarctica than in Minnesota.  It's an upside-down world. Relationships, too, move

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Following Rupture With Repair


Moving from one mindset to an alternate mindset isn't easy, even with Zen guidance or years of psychotherapy in your repertoire. It involves shifting awareness amidst the murky waters of emotion, and often doesn't happen

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Closing Ceremonies


As a species, humans seem to be drawn to ritual and to the structure of ceremonies that mark significant occasions/rites of passage in a life. Marriages involve ceremonies, some simple, some elaborate, some spiritual, some

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Helping Kids Move Through the Holidays


Even the most well-meaning divorced parents can find themselves looking for love during the holidays, love from their children, that is.... The holiday season implies, for all of us, warm, inviting gatherings of family from

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When Divorce Ends in Familicide


Divorce, as we do it in our society, goes to the heart of all losses, like death. Rarely, however, do we expect it to result in death. I have discussed the ways in which people

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