Stuck in a car in the mornings, feeling restricted, trying to stretch, confined, drowsy, desperately needing grounding to stop myself from feeling like an automoton in a machine……….ennui.

the “rhythm of the soul”, as Isadora wrote, moved by the circadian rhythms within our bodies, the beating of our hearts, the pulsing of our fluids…..people actually do movement work based in the pulsing of their fluids! i get that, from a cranial-sacral perspective, but not sure about those other fluids…………hmmmmmmm.

some days i’m painfully aware of the ease with which grounding disappears. sitting in a chair much of the day, listening to other people’s stories, i can lose contact with myself, numbed by their feelings into the molding of my chair, or pushed forward into relatedness with their needs, and away from mine.

forrestine once made me notice the back of me. literally, feeling my back on a surface, feeling what my back feels like on a surface, the support, the giving in to gravity, the tingling sensations of ‘back there’. in my chair, i try to notice what’s behind me, to find the balance point between beineg too far out of myself and too scrunched into the chair, feeling my back as a grounding point.

we are a frontal society. i don’t think too many people pay attention to what’s ‘back there’, except in the vernacular of ‘watch your back’, which brings up paranoid notions of who’s back there to get you. backing up, falling back, our eyes don’t go there, so neither do we. eyes in back of our heads……….we have other proprioceptive senses that inform us, not just eyes.